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Boiler Noise

If your boiler is producing too much noise, or too little then you should be concerned that there is a fault that needs looking into from experienced GAS SAFE engineers who provide fixed priced boiler repairs. In relation to boiler noise such as loud banging, popping, rattling, whining, or hissing then we would advise that you instantly turn your boiler off until it’s undergone a thorough inspection from a certified boiler repairs expert.

How can we help?

Here at Boiler Fault, we have a team of expert Gas SAFE engineers available to deal with any boiler noise you are experiencing with your boiler. The problem could be down to a simple electrical issue, or something more sinister. However, you can be assured that we will be able to identify what needs resolving and we will then carry out the boiler repairs required to ensure that it is safe to use and no longer a danger.

Our advice is if you are concerned that your boiler noise is different to how it was previously then to get the problem investigated. We provide an affordable fixed price boiler repairs service locally to Sidcup and Greater London. We know that problems to do with boilers are an unwanted expense to fix, but a necessity so that’s why our prices are competitive.

For more information on why you should come to Boiler Fault for your boiler noise concerns, please call us on 0800 002 9912. We will be happy to assist further. You can also email our team on info@boilerfault.com and once we have received your enquiry our boiler repairs experts will be in contact.