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Effective Power Flushing Bexleyheath

Central heating systems need to be kept clean so that they can work efficiently, regardless of the age, system or layout. Failure to do keep the system clean leads to a build up of sludge, which is the cause of around 80% of any problems you have with your system. Sludge is the result of internal rust from the radiators, which moves around your system and causes blocked pipes, valves and boilers.

Power flushing is a very effective cleaning method which can remove most of the sludge from your system, so if you find that your heating isn’t working as efficiently as it once was and you are experiencing cold radiators or higher than normal gas bills, then you may need to have the system power flushed. If you are considering replacing your boiler, you should also make sure your system is cleaned out first.

We offer effective power flushing in Bexleyheath, East London, Bromley, Dartford, Orpington, Sidcup and South East London and our professional and friendly team of engineers will inspect your system to see if flushing is required. Power flushing does not require your radiators to be taken off, but instead adds an effective cleaner to the system water which loosens the rust before the individual radiators are then flushed. Your home will be left warmer, with improved hot water and reduced fuel bills by up to 50%.

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