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Low Cost Boiler Installation Service

If you should discover that your old boiler needs replacing for your home in East London, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Dartford, Orpington, Sidcup, or South East London then do not hesitate to contact the specialists at Boiler Fault.

With over 15 years’ experience in boiler installation and repairs their expert team of engineers can advise on the best system for your home to improve efficiency and cut heating bills. Boiler Fault pride themselves upon offering their valued customers the very highest level of service with fast response times, competitive costs and their simple fixed fee repair service of £120 which guarantees that you know the exact price that you will be paying for their service.

Legally you are required to have all gas appliances in your home installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Boiler Fault has a team of fully qualified Gas Safe registered specialist heating engineers who can be relied upon to carry out the installation of your new gas boiler at your property safely, to the very highest standard of workmanship, and to the standard required by your home insurer to validate your home insurance policy.

For the very best installation of gas boilers, repairs and servicing and much more call the expert engineers at Boiler Fault today on 0800 956 2638.

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How to fix a Broken Gas Boiler

When your boiler breaks down this has a massive effect on the smooth running and comfort of your household as without heating and hot water, especially during the colder months, this can be really unpleasant and stressful. When your gas boiler needs fixing you require a specialist repair company who are Gas Safe registered and qualified to carry out work in your home safely and competently.

Boiler Fault have been providing reliable and professional boiler repair and servicing to households in East London, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Dartford, Orpington, Sidcup and South East London for over 15 years and being Gas Safe registered all their highly trained engineers provide the very highest standard of service to ensure that your gas boiler is repaired efficiently, correctly and most of all safely for continued use in your home.

Their simple fixed fee pricing ensures that customers know the exact price that they will be paying for their boiler repair so avoiding any nasty shocks once the repair work is completed. With Boiler Fault’s state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment they will quickly identify the fault in you boiler and advise if repair is possible or in exceptional cases, a total replacement is necessary.

Boiler Fault are true experts when it comes to boiler repair, servicing, maintenance and plumbing services and they guarantee not to let you down when you boiler breaks down.

For domestic boiler repairs call the expert engineers at Boiler Fault today on 0800 956 2638.

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Boiler Repairs Orpington

Boiler repairs can be costly and many people have found that the initial quote received from a repair company can spiral upwards when the actual cost of the repair work carried out is submitted for payment.

If this has happened to you and you own a property in Orpington or the surrounding areas of East London, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Dartford, Sidcup or South East London then the expert team at Boiler Fault have the answer with their fixed price boiler repair.

Boiler Fault understands that the vast majority of households work to a budget and when boiler repairs are required the nasty shock of an unexpectedly large repair bill is definitely not needed! Therefore the professional expert team at Boiler Fault offer their valued a fixed one off agreed payment fee of £120.00 to repair domestic gas boilers plus the cost of any parts required. The company guarantee that if parts are required they are supplied at very competitive prices and they will NOT add anything onto the RRP of the part such as delivery costs.

Boiler Fault has over 15 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of gas boilers and all their engineers are registered with Gas Safe so are highly qualified to carry out repair to gas appliances in your home. They have an enviable reputation for top class customer service and work hard to ensure that your boiler is repaired as quickly as possible to restore heating and hot water to your home.

If your gas boiler has broken down then call the team at Boiler Fault today on 0800 956 2638 or email directly on info@boilerfault.com.

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What to do if your Boiler Stops Working?

The boiler is literally the heart of every home, and when it stops working there is nothing worse having no heat or hot water. When this happens it’s hard not to feel stressed and reliable professional help is needed quickly to get the boiler working again as soon as possible.

When your boiler stops working you need an efficient, reliable and affordable boiler repair service to restore hot water and heating as quickly as possible to your home. For households in Bromley, East London, Bexleyheath, Dartford, Orpington, Sidcup, and South East London, look no further than the friendly professional team at Boiler Fault who have been providing boiler repairs, servicing and installation for over 15 years.

They have a dedication to customer service coupled with affordable pricing that sets Boiler Fault apart from many of their competitors. The company’s fixed fee service affords customer peace of mind that you won’t be hit with extra hourly labour charges on completion of the job.

All Boiler Fault engineers are Gas Safe registered and as such are fully qualified to undertake boiler repairs in your home.

For domestic boiler repairs in Bromley and surrounding areas, call the expert boiler engineers at Boiler Fault today. They will attend to your call promptly, and you will be able to depend on the team’s reliable, friendly and cost effective boiler services. Telephone: 0800 956 2638